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Russia – Switzerland

Time of the events:

8, 9 July 2021



About the programme:

Regional cultural institutions in Russia and Switzerland often have a spontaneous and even romantic character. Even after several years of work, they do not always understand the next steps and principles of their own development. This is largely due to the fact that non-profit and independent regional institutions are often in an unstable position, which hinders long-term planning. At the same time, they become a kind of key to the artistic life of the city — they form and map the local cultural scene, while being an important part of the cultural landscape of the entire country.



Despite the fact that most institutions work on the principle of open source and are ready to tell each other in detail about the models and principles of their existence, at the moment there is no available international platform for a permanent dialogue between curators, artists and managers in the field of culture that corresponds to the range of their problems, tasks and interests. Faced with often similar problems, they are left alone with the challenges of the time.



The programme will combine artist-run spaces, independent educational initiatives, and non-profit and state-owned cultural and art centers from different regions of Russia with art spaces from different cantons and parts of Switzerland. It is aimed at creating a dialogue, sharing knowledge between institutions, as well as presenting regional cultural projects and expanding the geography of the partnership between the two countries in the field of culture and art.



 The institutions will present their ideas and activities, discuss the problems of the industry with their Russian and foreign colleagues, and review the art scenes that have formed around them. The first stage of the programme not only facilitates the creation of tactical solutions to the current crisis, but also creates a platform for future exchange processes between countries, cities, institutions and artists.



Participants from Switzerland:

Dogo Residenz (Lichtensteig) Веб-сайт

Shedhalle (Zurich) Веб-сайт

CAN (Neuchâtel) Веб-сайт

sic! Elephanthouse (Lucerne) Веб-сайт

Participants from Russia:

Center for Culture CC19 (Novosibirsk) Веб-сайт 

Typography Center for Contemporary Art (Krasnodar) Веб-сайт

Smena Center of Contemporary Culture (Kazan) Веб-сайт

Studio “Tikhaya” (Nizhni Novgorod) 

Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art (Vladivostok)

Centre for Contemporary Arts Chicory (Zheleznogorsk) Веб-сайт 


Organized by:

Center of Contemporary Culture «Smena» (Kazan)


Typography Center for Contemporary Art (Krasnodar)


Supported by:




Yulia Fisch — research, programme curator 

Kirill Maevsky —concept, programme curator 

Ilnur Mustafin — programme producer  

Anna Naumova Kirill Blagodatskikh — design 

Elena Ischenko  —programme co-curator

Dmitry Bezuglov — programme co-curator